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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

How To Create Blends in Corel Draw

Blended Text

The Blend Tool is used to Blend 2 Objects together.

Start off by putting 2 Shapes on the page. Add a Rectangle and a Circle, using the Rectangle Tool and Ellipse Tool.
Add a different Fill Color to each Shape. First select the Rectangle and click a Color on the Color Palette located on the Left of the Screen.

Repeat for the Circle, choosing a different Color.

Move your cursor over the Drop Shadow Tool on the Toolbox.

Click the Black Arrow on the Right of this Icon to open a Flyout Menu.

Select Blend.

Move your cursor over any one of the Shapes, hold down your mouse button and drag to the next Shape.

You have a Blended Shape.

If you want to create your own Freehand Path for the Blend, hold down your Alt Key while making the Blend.

The Blend with follow the Path that you've drawn.

This is the Slider.

Move this Slider to the Left or Right to adjust the Color Progression from Start to End and also the Distance between Shapes in the Blend.

See the Progression of Color changes to be more Blue if the Slider is moved to the Left.

Here more Orange is seen as the Slider is moved to the Right.

If you want to change the Start Color of the Blend, select a Color from the Color Palette and drag to the White Square Handle located in the Middle of the Circle.

If you want to adjust an individual piece of the Blend, doulble click over that piece, and drag the Slider that appears.

You can clearly see 2 Sliders now, one is Green and the other is Red. Drag the new one Left or Right to make the adjustment.

You can now adjust the location of all 3 Handles of the Blend.

You can further manipulate the Blend by using the Blend Property Bar.

Check out the Presets.
Blend Presets

Hit the Drop Down Arrow and choose an Option to see how it changes your Blend.

Direct Blend
All the Blends done so far, have been Direct Blends because there is a Direct Color Progression.

This is the Direct Blend Icon.

Selecting the Clockwise Blend Icon will create a Clockwise Progression through the Color Spectrum.

Clockwise Blend
Here's the effect on the Blend.

Whereas, selecting the Counterclockwise Blend Icon will create a Counterclockwise Progression through the Color Spectrum.
Counterclockwise Blend
Here's the effect on the Blend.

Play around with the Property Bar and discover all you can do with Blending.

Here are some practical examples of the Blend Tool.
Blended Circles

Blended Lines

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