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Friday, August 8, 2014

Create Your Own Contours with Corel Draw

Contoured Text
Let's start by adding a Rectangle on the page. Select the Rectangle Tool from the Toolbox and draw.

Select any Color on the Color Palette to set the Fill of the Rectangle.

Move your cursor over the Drop Shadow Tool on the Toolbox.

 Click the Black Arrow on the Right of this Icon to open a Flyout Menu.

Select Contour.

Click on the Rectangle and Drag towards the Center, then release.

An Inside Contour with Linear Colors will be applied to the Shape.
The Reverse of this would be to Drag Outward in order to create an Outside Contour.
To change the Fill Color of the Contour, drag a Color of your choosing to the Square Handle and release.
  To change the Outline Color of the Contour, drag a Color of your choosing over the Diamond Handle and release.
Notice this Contour has about 4 Steps.
To adjust the Number of Steps, move the White Slider.

Moving towards the Center creates more Steps for the Inside Contour.

Inside Contour
You can make further adjustments on the Property Toolbar.

Here's a Contour with decreased Offset.
Outside Contour

Adjust the Contour Color Progression by clicking its Icon on the Property Bar.

Clicking this Icon will open a drop down menu.

Contour Color Progression
Here's the same Shape with Clockwise Contour Colors applied.
Clockwise Contour Colors
 Here's the same Shape with Counterclockwise Contour Colors.
Counterclockwise Contour Colors
And finally have a look at some practical examples of Contours.
Contoured Star
Contoured Spirals

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