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Thursday, June 13, 2013

How To Rotate An Object in Inkscape - Free Rotate, Specific Degrees and 90 Degree Increments

Free Rotate An Object

Select the Object that you wish to Rotate

8 Black Arrows will appear around the Object when it is selected. These are Resizing Handles.

Clicking on the Object again will change the Resizing Handles to Rotation and Skew Arrows

The Rotation Arrows are at the 4 Corners of the Object. Move the cursor over any one of them, hold the mouse button down, and turn the mouse in a Clockwise or Counter-clockwise direction to Free Rotate.

Rotate Object To A Specified Degree

Go to the Menu Bar and select Object > Transform

This will open the Transform Window which has 5 Tabs, namely Move, Scale, Rotate, Skew, and Matrix.  

Select the Rotate Tab.

Where you see Angle, you will type in the Degrees you would like the Object to be Rotated.

Keep in mind that to Rotate the Object Clockwise, you will have to enter a Negative Number (e.g. -30). 

To Rotate the Object Counter-clockwise you will have to enter a Positive Number (e.g. 30). Click on the Apply Button when finished.

Rotate Object in 90 Degree Increments

Select the Object you wish to Rotate

Go to the Menu Bar and select Object > Rotate 90 Deg CW.

This will move your Object forward in a Clockwise Direction at 90 Degree Increments each time you use it.


To Rotate in a Counter-clockwise Direction go to Object > Rotate 90 Deg CCW

This will move your Object backward in a Counter-clockwise Direction at 90 Degree Increments each time you use it.



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