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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How To Free Rotate an Image in OpenOffice Draw

Assuming that you already have inserted an Image on your page in the OpenOffice Draw program, move your cursor over it. Select the Image. 

8 Green Square Handles will appear around the Image. These Handles are used for Resizing.

Go to the Drawing Toolbar that's located on the bottom of the page and select the down arrow to the right side of the Effects Icon. 

This action opens a popup menu. Select the first Icon for Rotation.

The 8 Green Squares Handles around the Image will change to 8 Red Circle Handles.

The 4 Circle Handles in each corner will be for Free Rotating the Image. The other 4 Handles will be for Skewing the Image. To Free Rotate the Image, move the cursor over 1 of the corner Circle Handles

Notice the cursor will change to a Rotation Handle. 

Hold down your mouse button and move in a Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise direction. 

Then you will have a rotated object or image as the case may be.

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