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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Curved Text in Inkscape - Text on Path

I wrote this simple tutorial to show just how easy it is to create Curved Text using Inkscape. 

Select the Circle Icon on the Toolbox

Draw a Circle on the page. There will be 8 Position and Size Arrows around the Circle
Select the Text Tool. Click on the page and start typing Text, in this case "Curved Text in Inkscape"

Using the Select Tool, click on the Text to select it. 

Hold down your Shift Key and also select the Circle

Go up to the Menu Bar and select Text > Put on Path

The Text is now attached to the Path, only it has been placed at the bottom of the Circle. To fix this, select the Text Tool again and click at the beginning of the Text

When you see the blinking cursor, continually hit the Space Bar until the Text is positioned where you need it to be. 

Make Circle Invisible 

If you wish to make it look like you removed the Circle, follow these easy steps. 

Click on the Select Tool

Select the Circle

Move your cursor over the Red X on the Color Palette at the bottom off the screen. 

Right click over it and select Set Stroke from the menu that appears. 

Now the Circle that is still there is no longer visible. 
This makes it easier to place your Curved Text over another object for example. 

Text Inside Circle 

When we first put the Text on Path, it appeared on the outside of the Circle. You can also change this so that the Text appears on the inside of the Circle Right Side Up. 

Click on the Select Tool

Select the Circle. Go up to the Tool Controls Bar and select the Flip Selected Objects Horizontally Icon

The Text now appears within the Circle

Here are some Free Flyers Templates made in Inkscape in which I used this method.

Soccer Flyer Template
Soccer Clinic Flyer Template

Hope you were able to learn something from this little Tutorial. Thanks for viewing!

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