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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Text Effects: Put Images In Text With Corel Draw PowerClip

Corel Draw's PowerClip makes it really quick and easy to place Images within Text.
  • Import your Image - Go to the Menu Bar and select File > Import. Browse to locate your Image in the Import Window, and select the Import button. 

  • Detailed information about the selected Image will be on the right side of the cursor. Click anywhere on the canvas to place the Image. Resize the Image if necessary.

  • Put some Text on the page - Select the Text Tool from the Toolbox located on the left of the screen. Click on the page and type the Text. Double click over the Text to select it, then go to the Property Bar and choose a strong bold Font from the Font ListVisit my blog post for more information on finding really awesome Free Fonts for download. For this tutorial, I used the Impact Font. 
       Set the Font Size to 150 from the Font Size List.

  • Place the Text on the part of the Image that you would like to clip.

  • Select the Image - Go to Effects > PowerClip > Place Inside Container. The cursor will change to a really thick black arrow. Move it over the Text and click.

  • Just like that, the Image will be placed inside the Text. A very cool and yet simple effect.

  • Give it a Stroke by right clicking over any color on the Color Palette to the right.

  • Add a Drop Shadow. There's lots of things that you can do with this tool. Have fun!

Have a suggestion for Super Cool Text Effects? Leave a comment below.

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